Dog Snack Duck Jerky Nuggets (125g)

Dog Snack Duck Jerky Nuggets (125g)

Crunchy dog snacks with 98% duck meat.

✔ grain-free/cereal-free
✔ gently air-dried
✔ beechwood smoked
✔ completely natural product
✔ no chemical ingredients
✔ free from preservatives
✔ single protein quality
✔ made in Germany

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Duck Jerky dog snacks

Duck Jerky dog snacks

Dog snacks made in Germany. Dog snacks with 98% duck meat, apple, and a wealth of valuable nutrients. An ideal, grain-free/cereal-free reward for any dog.

More and more dogs are developing intolerances or allergies that can be triggered by grains and gluten. That is why we deliberately produce our dog food and our dog snacks without grains or gluten. What's more, our snacks contain only what belongs in them: They contain no artificial sugar, no sweeteners, no cheap fillers, no chemical preservatives or dyes, and no artificial flavours or flavour enhancers.

The nutritious ingredients we use make this Duck Jerky snack a beneficial and, most importantly, grain-free/cereal-free alternative to many other treats.

Peso neto en g 125
País de producción Alemania

Suitable for

Tamaño del perro Mini, Pequeño, Mediano, Grande, Muy grande

Componentes analíticos / Kg

Proteína bruta en % 53,3
Grasa bruta en % 29,8
Fibra bruta en % 5,0
Ceniza bruta en % 4,9

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