Dog training clicker

Dog training clicker

To promote desired behaviour in dogs.

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Clicker for clicker training dog

Dog training clicker to promote desired behaviour in dogs. Positive reinforcement, no punishment or sanctions.

The clicker and clicker training can be used to reward and thus encourage positive behaviour in dogs. This method works without physical restraint, disciplinary measures or punishment. The clicker can be used quickly and conveniently to make your dog aware of desirable behaviour immediately. The ability to respond quickly is especially important because dogs are only able to associate behaviour and consequence for a very short time (approx. 1 second). Positive behaviour is signalled immediately by the clicker noise, which is followed by a reward such as a dog treat.

The dog learns that the clicker noise is followed by a reward, associates his behaviour with the sound of the clicker and thus repeats the desired behaviour.

How does the clicker work in dog training?

The sound is triggered by pressing the clicker lightly. The clicker is made of sturdy plastic and can be attached to the wrist strap supplied and worn around the wrist so it is ready for immediate use. It measures about 6 cm x 4 cm and the wrist strap is elastic.

For which dogs is clicker training suitable?

Clicker training is suitable for all dogs regardless of age, or character, and also for sensitive or anxious dogs.

Suitable for

Tamaño del perro Mini, Pequeño, Mediano, Grande, Muy grande

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